Friday, June 23, 2017

The Pogo Problem - The Pogo Problem (2017)

The Pogo Problem is an Icelandic/Danish collaboration under the leadership of Icelandic guitarist/composer Steinar Guðjónsson. He is accompanied by Anders Hellborn (Billow) on electric bass, and Kristoffer Tophøj (Tako Lako, Wangel, Interfoam) on drums. Their music is a fusion of instrumental pop, Nordic jazz, and progressive rock. The guys first met in Stockholm 2011 for the Young Nordic Jazz Comets Final, where Steinar’s Icelandic quartet Skver and Kristoffer’s Danish band Interfoam participated. The two guys later teamed up with Anders in Copenhagen.

They received a nomination as “Icelandic Music Award, Jazz composition of the year” for their tune “Difference of Opinion”.

All compositions by Steinar, exept "Over Time" by Anders and "Miderbarn, Teenager" by Kristoffer. 

Recorded and mixed by Thor Madsen and The Pogo Problem 
at Millfactory studios, Copenhagen, june 2016. 

Mastered by Finnur Hákonarson 
Photos by David Valentin Schweiger @schweigerphoto 
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