Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Noah Barker - Business Actual (2017)

"Noah Barker is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Jeffersonville, NY. Noah, son of avant-garde jazz drummer Thurman Barker, started piano at age 7 studying classical music and started studying jazz as a teenager. Though he pursued performance at the University of Louisville, Barker found a serious interest for composition and production and continued to practice these at SUNY Purchase. 

In 2012, after finishing school in Louisville, Barker relocated to Brooklyn and started Never Forever Records which has two physical releases on it. Noah Barker finished the graduate program at Purchase in 2014 and currently fronts Noisebody in addition to playing with Jerry Paper (LA), Joanna Teters (NYC), Murals (KY) and Purr (NYC)."

1. little brother 05:57
2. turning color 06:14
3. lost at home 07:10
4. before 03:50
5. u free? 06:14
6. further than before 01:50

mike troy, s
jonathan saraga, t
noah barker, p
dean torrey, b
aaron seeber, d

composition and arranging by noah barker 
engineering, mixing, and mastering by nori naraoka 
painting by arielle rutledge 

The tunes on the album are inspired by my move back to the east coast. In conjunction with the music, the title of the album comes from my twist on the music industry ideal for a jazz record- Six originals I didn't know what to do with.