Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Nick Haywood Trio - Many Rivers (JAZZHEAD 2017)

This recording is a continuation of Nick Haywood’s long-term interest in taking simple themes and allowing complexity to unfold as a collective process. Nick, along with pianist Colin Hopkins and drummer Niko Schauble explore a range of tunes from original repertoire by Haywood (Slow Tune, A Rag for Al, Nellie’s Tune), Hopkins (Song of the Survivor), collective improvisations by the trio (Wiggy Blues, The Fox Hat) along with a broad range of pieces from Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide, Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers to Cross, The Moody Blues’ Nights in White Satin and the traditional Scottish tune Farewell Dearest Nancy. 

The great thing about this recording is the way that the trio members all connect with each other, taking the listener on an aural journey with them while they explore the music as they go.

1. A Rag for Al 07:47
2. Fox Hat 07:22
3. Landslide 06:31
4. Nellie's Tune 07:43
5. Farewell Dearest Nancy 04:03
6. Many Rivers to Cross 08:03
7. Song of the Survivor 05:35
8. Wiggy Blues 05:24
9. Nights in White Satin 06:28
10.Slow Tune 07:28

Nick Haywood - Bass
Colin Hopkins - Piano
Niko Schäuble - Drums