Sunday, April 30, 2017

Anne Mette Iversen Quartet +1 - Round Trip (BJU RECORDS 2017)

Originally the meaning of 'round trip' was to return to the starting point via a different road. When I wrote the tune 'Round Trip', it was about a deep and heartfelt wish I had- to return to my two sons, who I had left in another country for a few days. As this album and this music came about, 'round trip' then became a key idea for the album. Round trip, in the sense of coming home, describes the feeling I have every time I play with this group. It refers to the many (round) trips we have taken together over the years, but also how much we have grown as a band, musicians and persons, and how we, no matter where each one of us is placed in the world, get together to make music and share our experiences.

Even on a personal level I see the many round trips in our journey through life and music. So without further a due: Take a *Round Trip' with us.

1. Round Trip 05:35
2. Lines & Circles 05:27
3. Segue 05:42
4. Viinstedt's View 07:48
5. December Light 04:48
6. Scala 05:22
7. The Ballad That Would Not Be 08:45
8. Red Hairpins 10:31

Anne Mette Iversen Quartet +1:
John Ellis - tenor sax
Peter Dahlgren - trombone
Danny Grissett - piano
Anne Mette Iversen - bass & composition
Otis Brown III - drums and cymbals