Sunday, April 30, 2017

Anne Mette Iversen's Ternion Quartet - Ternion Quartet (BJU RECORDS 2017)

The TERNION QUARTET plays music that is energetic and fun. Like fireworks; the music offers a tremendous display of colors and moods. Rooted in the tradition of jazz, swing and improvisation, the compositions give ample room for the virtuosic improvisers to express their creative personality; and with the experience, maturity and flexibility of the musicians the music can change direction on the fly and is constantly new, fresh and renewed again. Compositionally the music is based on a linear and horizontal concept, allowing the individual instruments' melodies to conduct the harmonic map, whenever that is desired. The aim is for the full emotional spectrum of being human to be expressed by these outstanding musicians and improvisers.

1. My Revised Head 01:03
2. Ataraxia On My Mind 09:42
3. Trio One 07:16
4. Solus 05:28
5. Their Revised Head 00:45
6. Debacled Debate 07:32
7. A Cygnet's Eunoia 07:26
8. Escapade #7 08:01
9. Your Revised Head 00:49
10.Eburnine 04:45
11.Postludium #2 05:48
12.Of Chapter Two 05:10

Ternion Quartet:
Silke Eberhard - alto saxophone
Geoffroy De Masure - trombone
Anne Mette Iversen - acoustic bass & compositions
Roland Schneider - drums & percussion