Monday, March 6, 2017

Siks Haedo - Ready to Travel (2017)

Siks Haedo, the project of the guitarist and composer, Hispano-Argentine, Diego Lipnizky. Installed since 2012 in Paris.

Only 2 years and a great talent allow him to convince the public and the professionals of the show with his first album "Influencias" during the 15th edition of the Jazz Festival of Saint Germain de Pres.

This recognition comforts the guitarist to launch himself in the realization of a second album, "Ready to travel" in the colors of a metropolitan diversity that is the city of Paris.

1. Dernier Train 6:39
2. Brian de Nice 4:17
3. 20 Km Avant L'Andalousie 6:59
4. News from Maghreb 7:46
5. Chasing Bona 7:39
6. Welcome to Sotolongo 5:19