Monday, March 6, 2017

Bert Van Den Dungen Quartet - 2 Sessions (2017)

I am happy with this band. It is a combination of musical personality’s what is working perfectly for me and the music we want to play.

After a tour in Argentina we did the first session. There was not much time to prepare the recording but I didn’t mind. I felt that it was right no matter what I prepared. The previous recordings I had the feeling to direct it in a way. This one I just want to let it happen. All the tunes were new for us and after playing them through a couple times we recorded them.

The second session was after the Christmas break and we did it the same way as the first session. However there was a different mood. You can hear it clearly in the tune named Two Sessions. I liked them both so they are both on this record. I hope you like this recording as much I did making it.

01. Mating Call
02. Hackensack
03. Two Sessions 2
04. I Am a Little Bit Disappointed in Your Attitude so Far
05. Stay on It
06. The Legends Returns
07. Two Sessions 1
08. Situation on Easy Street
09. Prisoner of Love 2
10. African Ascension: The Sun God of the Masai
11. Prisoner of Love 1

Bert van den Dungen – tenor & soprano sax
Miguel Rodriquez – piano
Marius Beets – double bass
Gijs Dijkhuizen: drums