Monday, March 6, 2017

Dr. Mint - Voices in the Void (ORENDA RECORDS 2017)

Voices in the Void, the fifth release by LA/NYC electronic jazz-rock outfit DR. MINT presents the band’s most evolved and exciting work to date. Each tune is spontaneously conceived, as the band employs a potent combination of skeletal composition, extensive improvisation, and rhythmic themes from a multitude of genres; improvisation, electronica, and heavy rock influences lay the foundation for the horns to shape winding melodies and dynamic solos. As a whole, the album’s arc weaves a rich musical-tapestry born of the band’s decade-long association and collective musical experience. 

DR.MiNT formed in 2007 when Los Angeles musicians Daniel Rosenboom (trumpets), Gavin Templeton (saxophones), and Alexander Noice (guitar and electronics), joined New York City rhythm section Sam Minaie (bass and electronics) and Caleb Dolister (drums). They instantly forged a signature sound through their collective synergy towards pure long-form improvisation. In fact, their first album, Visions and Nightmares (pfMentum), was recorded in two complete, unedited takes just moments after Rosenboom and Noice were introduced to Dolister, a long time friend of Templeton and Minaie. A few short months later, the band quickly followed up with 2008’s A New Symphony (SNP Records), recorded as a single, continuous improvisation in a five-movement symphonic form. 

The project later evolved with their next release, Ritual (ORENDA), as frontmen Daniel Rosenboom and Gavin Templeton integrated a series of hand cues and started writing melodic material in real time while performing and recording. This new strategy opened up an unexpected gateway to produce a much more intelligent recording as new and repeating thematic ideas propelled the music. 

With their 2013 follow-up, Kingsize Sessions (ORENDA), the band experimented for the first time with short-form improvisations. It was also the first album that the band did not record in a live concert setting, opting instead to discover a different kind of creativity in a studio environment. Read more...

01. Kingdom in the Middle
02. Spacerobot[Dance]
03. Down To One
04. The (Two)(Three) Sun Erupts
05. Fanfare Mécanique
06. A Bird, An Assassin
07. Nymbists
08. Empyrean
09. N-Drift
10. Anathema

Daniel Rosenboom: trumpet
Gavin Templeton: saxophones
Alexander Noice: electric guitar & FX
Sam Minaie: electric Bass & FX
Caleb Dolister: drums