Saturday, February 4, 2017

Nate Smith - Kinfolk: Postcards from Everywhere (ROPEADOPE RECORDS 2017)

“In conceiving this project, I wanted to focus on creating the material with very few ingredients; just improvising at the drums or piano or singing ideas into a voice recorder, focusing primarily on rhythm and melody. I want to see what other ingredients the players or singers would bring to the material. I’m interested in a true band sound: I want to know how the musicians will color, shape, and season the raw ingredients, and how to pull all of those pieces together to a whole.” - Nate Smith

01. Intro: Wish You Were Here
02. Skip Step
03. Bounce: pts I + II
04. Mom: Postcards From Detroit/Floyd/Salem
05. Retold
06. Disenchantment: The Weight
07. Spinning Down
08. Pages
09. From Here: Interlude
10. Morning and Allison
11. Spiracles
12  Small Moves: Interlude
13. Dad: Postcards from Isaac Street
14. Home Free (for Peter Joe)

Produced by Nate Smith for Waterbaby Music, Inc. 
Executive Producers: Kelvin A. Moses, Anthony A. Lewis, Ira N. Smith
Mixed by Brian Bender at The Motherbrain, Los Angeles, CA 

Kris Bowers: piano, fender rhodes 
Fima Ephron: electric bass 
Jeremy Most: guitars 
Jaleel Shaw: alto and soprano saxophones 

Dave Holland: acoustic bass, “Skip Step” “Spinning Down” 
Lionel Loueke: guitar, “Skip Step” “Spinning Down” 
Chris Potter: tenor saxophone, “Bounce parts I + II” 
Gretchen Parlato: vocals, “Pages” 
Michael Mayo: vocals, vocal percussion/effects, “Skip Step” “Retold” 
Amma Whatt: vocals, “Disenchantment: The Weight” “Morning and Allison” 
Adam Rogers: acoustic and electric guitars, “Spiracles” 

Strings on “Disenchantment: The Weight” arranged by Kris Bowers 
Strings on “Home Free (for Peter Joe)” arranged by Nate Smith 

Stephanie Matthews: violin I 
Juliette Jones: violin II/contractor 
Christiana Liberis: viola 
Reenat Pinchas: cello