Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kite - I Take the Money and You Run for Your Life (UNIT RECORDS 2017)

KITE is a young jazz formation from Dresden. Their sound spectrum ranges from raw and sensitive to the collective and idiosyncratic, while maintaining a warm and intellectual touch. This is modern unconventional jazz; new arrangements and original compositions incorporating exciting rhythms and extraordinary sounds. Founded by Dora Osterloh in 2012, the band has performed in many cities throughout Germany to exceedingly positive reactions. The five musicians interact with each other collectively, navigating subtle nuances, ensuring they are always on the same page, fighting side by side, walking hand in hand. Varying from rock, the spherical and intense to symphonic sounds, with or without lyrics – their passion for music is evident.

01 Königsheide (Waltz)
02 Des Nachts
03 Cnk
04 Kleine Geste
05 Aareböötle
06 I Take the Money and You Run for Your Life
07 Lights
08 Einheitsbrei
09 I Get Along Without You Very Well
10 Miniatur
11 Trockenmaurern
12 Weserstraße