Saturday, February 18, 2017

Andreas Tschopp - Bubaran (2017)

Inspired by the soundscapes of Indonesian Gamelan orchestras, Andreas Tschopp assembled a group of top class improvisers and sound esthetes. He frees them from the bond of the well-tempered tuning system and sends them off to explore the majestic beauty of metallic shimmer and hypnotic ostinatos. 

Bubaran is a Jazz Quintet in spirit. But yet the instrumentation - three brass players, one guitarist, one drummer - shows, that Jazz in this case doesn't mean the sound of the Great American Songbook, but rather the mindset, the exploratory spirit of this music. 

Bubaran is a Jazz Quintet. Bubaran is also a pocket chamber orchestra. A telescope into the sound worlds of Indonesian temples. A singer of archaic arias, an exuberant fair on the village square.

From the CD liner notes by Matthew Welch:

Bubaran’s music, however global in its outlook, is also intensely personal as the balance of musical traditions serves the vision of trombonist Andreas Tschopp, the band’s leader and composer. Tschopp’s chosen instrumentation and orchestration continue to evoke the textures of Indonesian music throughout the album.

For example, the addition of a second trombone, played by Bernhard Bamert, calls upon the frequent use of instrumental pairs in Balinese music. The trumpet, played by Matthias Spillmann, focuses the brass timbre up through the high register and is reminiscent of the higher pitched bronze percussion instruments which speak above lower pitched instruments of the same type in a gamelan ensemble.

Guitarist Ronny Graupe makes use of remarkable added effects, which serve a variety of musical roles, from harmonic support through jazz chords, to evoking the textural and melodic density of Javanese zithers, to adding creative percussive noise.

Meanwhile, the versatile drumming of Julian Sartorius completes a perfect ensemble, one that can wear many hats.

1. Scent 08:33
2. Sotto Voce 07:54
3. Bambus
4. In Kur
5. Friction Addiction
6. Bubaran

Andreas Tschopp - trombone
Matthias Spillmann - trumpet, flugelhorn
Bernhard Bamert - trombone
Ronny Graupe - 7-string guitar
Julian Sartorius - drums, percussion

All music by Andreas Tschopp 

"Bambus" based on Sekar Gendot played by the Gamelan Udegang of Teges Kawan (Bali), "In Kur" based on a Macapat Pangkur sung by Nyi Cendaniraras 

Recorded by Nicolas Baillard at Studios La Buissonne, France 
Mixed by Matthias Wenger 
Mastered by Christoph Utzinger 
Artwork by Renate Salzmann & Philippe Gertsch 
Linernotes by Matthew Welch