Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gabriel Dalvit & Albert Sanz - Snow in Summer (UNIT RECORDS 2017)

Every note is played with wisdom and passion. Each new listening brings new discoveries; each tune keeps revealing more hidden treasures: subtle articulations, rich harmonic textures, humorous details, new meanings…Snow in Summer, a beautiful duo collaboration between Albert Sanz and alto saxophonist Gabriel Davit will be inspiring you for a very long time; their music just keeps getting deeper. Jorge Rossy

1. Mantra 1 3:01
2. You Stepped out of a Dream 6:01
3. Easy to Love 5:53
4. Reincarnation of a Lovebird 7:20
5. Snow in Summer 6:45
6. Lennie Groove 4:58
7. Mantra 2 5:29

Gabriel Dalvit - Alto Sax
Albert Sanz - Piano