Monday, September 5, 2016

Russell Gunn - The Sirius Mystery (2016)

The highly anticipated release of the new Russell Gunn musical masterpiece “The Sirius Mystery” is now official. 

What is already considered to be a game changer on the strength of the first single “Sirius B (the unseen absolute)”, “The Sirius Mystery” as a complete suite, delivers pure creative magic.

Gunn Fu (as Russell Gunn is affectionately known) delivers a brilliant musical portrait of the mysteries of Dogon Mythology. An Epic modern and ancient work of music by Russell Gunn.

“Russell Gunn’s inimitable conception of music is a diasporic crucible of ancestral intent.” – Mtafuta Ukweli

Russell Gunn’s new recording “The Sirius Mystery” is a progressive, dynamic and compelling four part master work, genre bending musical odyssey blending “Jazz”, EDM, American Trap, African Drums, Dub Step and Charlie Parker improvisation in a four movement suite that is inspired by and based on the Mythology of the mysterious Dogon Tribe of Mali.

The title of the work takes its name from the best selling book on the subject by author Robert K. Temple and research by French anthropologist Marcel Griaule.

“The Sirius Mystery” seamlessly blends “Jazz” with EDM, African Drums, Southern Hip Hop, Dogon Astrology, and acutely complex Melodic Motifs. Intensely emotional and angular improvisation crown the “odd rhythm”, “drum chant”, “trap jazz” aggregation of sound and spirit composed by Russell Gunn.

1. Sirius B (The Unseen Absolute) 9:06
2. The Nummo Fish (Natatory Astronauts) 11:12
3. The Dogon (Primordial Permanence) 11:02
4. Amma's Egg (The Structure of Matter) 9:20
5. Sirius B (The Unseen Absolute) [Radio Version] 5:57
6. The Nummo Fish (Natatory Astronauts) [Radio Version] 6:54
7. The Dogon (Primordial Permanence [RadioVersion]7:02
8. Amma's Egg (The Structure of Matter) [Radio Version]