Thursday, May 12, 2016

Billy Kilson Trio - Descension Rising (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Cdbaby

Billy Kilson has assembled a team of all-stars. Joined on bass, legendary Buster Williams along with Billy's long time friend also the highly acclaimed Bassist, James Genus. Rounding off the trio is the Pianist, Henry Hey, his formal BK Groove colleague.
After a decade plus with touring with Chris Botti, this is the debut recording of The Billy Kilson Trio inspired by his Jazz roots, Walter Davis Jr and Ahmad Jamal. Descension Rising - 復活 is an artistic display of Billy’s journey from his early days to his time with the Dave Holland Quintet.

This is a song written by Dave Holland for his late wife, Clare. The performance here is to pay homage to Dave and his lovely wife Clare.

This was one of Billy's audition tunes he played for Walter Davis Jr. Here Billy is paying homage to Walter and one of his favorite drummers Philly Joe Jones. 

The inspiration for this composition are from the strength of those who have suffered and fallen yet will not quit. After Billy's personal hardship due to the illness in his family, it was the will of many who have had similar trials and tribulations that pulled him through.

Billy's recently deceased friend, Bob Belden, introduced this album ”Transformation (The Speed Of Love)" to him. In the midst of Billy's metamorphosis, this song was quite profound .

This tune is simply an homage to Tony Williams. It is very rare that a musician's instrumental skills match their compositional skills. Pee Wee is Billy's favorite Tony Williams composition.

"Miss Jenny" was one of Billy's Mom’s nickname. Before every gig his Mom would always would say “play pretty for the people”. Each of Billy's recordings, he performs and composes a mallet drum solo for her.

Although this is a song written by Herbie Hancock, Billy is channeling his days with Ahmad Jamal by playing his arrangement of this beautiful composition.

This is a solo piece inspired by one of the many drum videos by Lenny Nelson. He was and still is a mentor to Billy. Lenny also studied with his teacher, Alan Dawson.

Two of America's greatest composers, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock. This performance is inspired by Herbie Hancock’s arrangement of You’ve Got it Bad Girl.

This performance is paying homage to Max Roach and Billy's teacher Alan Dawson. Alan and Max has continued to inspire each and everyone of Billy's drum solos.  

1. Claressence
2. Stablemates
3. A Dying Breed
4. Piktor's Metamorphosis
5. Pee Wee
6. ...For Miss Jenny
7. Dolphin Dance
8. Rim-Tha-Ma-Ning
9. You've Got It Bad Girl
10. Mildama

Billy Kilson - drums
Buster Williams - bass
James Genus - bass
Henry Hey - piano