Thursday, May 12, 2016

Guillermo Klein - Los Guachos V (2016)

For 20 years, Guillermo Klein has been creating some of the most singular and exciting music for his highly adept 11-piece ensemble, Los Guachos. His compositional style has been evolving over the years, though always utilizing elements of jazz, folkloric music of his native Argentina, rock and modern classical music. Klein’s musical voice has established a number of unique composing concepts. His new recording, Guachos V, heralds his use of a new method: symmetries. To highlight this work, Klein has created two suites, Suite Indiana and Suite Jazmin, that use familiar works of the jazz canon and his own material reworked using mirroring, inversions and retrogrades of harmonies and melodies to create new compositions. Klein celebrates this anniversary by doing what he does best, presenting new, challenging, but tremendously gripping and rhythmically attractive, music.

1. Suite Indiana - Back Home Again 03:44
2. Suite Indiana - Donna Lee
3. Suite Indiana - Patria Espiral
4. Suite Jazmin - Symmetry I
5. Suite Jazmin - Si No Sabes 4/4 04:40
6. Suite Jazmin - Si No Sabes 9/8
7. Suite Jazmin - Burrito Hill Mirror
8. Suite Jazmin - Human Feel Mirror
9. Suite Jazmin - Jazmin
10.Symmetry II (Si No Sabes Que No Sabes)
11.Ashes 02:20
12.Quemando Velas

Ben Monder - guitar
Bill McHenry - tenor sax
Chris Cheek - soprano, tenor & baritone sax
Diego Urcola - trumpet, trombone
Fernando Huergo - electric bass
Guillermo Klein - piano
Jeff Ballard - drums
Miguel Zenon - alto sax
Richard Nant - percussion, trumpet
Sandro Tomasi - trombone
Taylor Haskins - trumpet, flugelhorn