Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Philippe Côté - Lungta (feat. David Binney) 2016

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Composer, saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist and improviser, Philippe Côté first completed a degree at Laval University, where he discovered his passion for composition. During his masters in Jazz at McGill University, he studied classical orchestration with John Rea, with whom he realized the power and subtlety of this specialty, a turning point in his creative process. At the heart of his searches into composition lies his vision of orchestration, which has been molded by the opportunity of writing for different chamber music ensembles, as well as sharing the stage with well-known musicians like Joe Lovano, John Taylor, Tim Ries and the Rolling Stones’ accompanying musicians.

Recipient of grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and of various prizes, including the Bernard-Bonnier prize awarded for his compositions for the theater piece “Jacques et son maître,” Philippe has sought further training with Dave Douglas in Banff, then at the School for Improvisational Music in Brooklyn. During a one-year stay in New York, he met saxophonist David Binney and studied with Marc Copland, who initiated him to Lennie Tristano’s teaching method. That year spent evolving on the New York jazz scene, studying saxophone, improvisation, composition and Indian music marks a turning point in his development.

In 2015, he collaborated with Marc Copland on a string quartet project that connected chamber music and jazz, and in 2016, the Paramirabo contemporary music ensemble commissioned a piece from him. In April, he will launch Lungta, a first album with a jazz quintet and a 13-piece wind orchestra. Produced by David Binney, the album will also feature this New York saxophonist of repute. At the launch, Philippe will conduct the Montreal’s National Jazz Orchestra.

Philippe is also passionate about teaching saxophone and coordinates the Jazz section at the McGill Conservatory.


With Lungta, windhorse in Tibetan, I explore the richness and subtlety of orchestration for wind instruments. My windhorse is an orchestra of 13 wind instruments directed by David Russell Martin. This album features alto saxophonist David Binney, myself on the tenor saxophone, Steve Amirault on piano, Fraser Hollins on bass, Martin Auguste on the drums as well as the voices of Mireille Boily and Tanya Henri.

Produced by David Binney on Mythology Records

01. Soleil Levant
02. The Rest Is Noise
03. Lungta
04. La Fleur et la Roche
05. A Tiny Prayer to Father Time
06. Trio 3
07. Radiant Sun
08. Édouard 1er
09. Tiny Prayer (Reprise)
10. Tail of the Tiger
11. Petit Tigre
12. Mind Travel
13. For Jan
14. Winter Child Postlude