Thursday, April 28, 2016

Our Thing - Manhattan Style (2016)

Manhattan Style” is the latest collaboration between guitarist Roni Ben-Hur whose roots are in Tunisia and Israel, bassist Santi Debriano who was born in Panama and grew up in Brooklyn, and percussionist Duduka Da Fonseca whose roots are in Brazil. In this, their second offering, they stir the well-seasoned pot of their distinct backgrounds, mirroring the convergence of diverse influences that characterizes the creative scene in New York.
Manhattan is finely representative of that creativity. It is home to iconic jazz venues, enduring legends, renowned schools of the genre, and the storied histories of Harlem, 52nd Street, and Greenwich Village. Manhattan, or simply “the City”, as it is often called, is, like jazz itself, vibrant, multi-layered, fluid, and rests on a foundation that respects the past and embraces new formulations and elements from around the world. It is both a microcosm of what’s happening now, and an island unto itself. 

01. Home
02. The Blessing
03. Polo Pony
04. Skelly
05. African Flower
06. Amy
07. Poise E
08. Imaginary Guinea
09. Ma'hof
10. Flying over Rio
11. Manhattan Style

Roni Ben-Hur
Santi Debriano
Duduka da Fonseca