Monday, April 25, 2016

Francesco Geminiani - Colorsound (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Bandcamp 

The Colorsound trio showed up at the "Bunker Studio" in Brooklyn on April 2015 and recorded a new set of music, late at night...
The sound of colors and the direct inspiration of what is around us are at the core of this Album.
Those brief trio pieces were all born from an improvisation and voluntarily let the band dictate the forms and the direction of each one of them. Francesco Geminiani on Tenor Saxophone is joined by the great artistry of Mark Schilders on Drums and Rick Rosato on Bass to shape his ideas on Colorsound.

New York City based saxophonist Francesco Geminiani comes from beautiful Verona (IT) before moving to Switzerland and then the US. An endless musical curiosity drives him across styles and melodies, sharing the stage with great human beings across the New and the Old World. Inspired by the masters, he embraces impressionism to connect with the curious listener.

1. It Could Happen to Everyone 06:36
2. Agata Rossa 05:21
3. French Blues 04:26
4. Agata Blu 04:56
5. Ambra 05:38
6. Mountain Pirates 05:28
7. Theme for Ernie 04:49
8. LastOne 05:50

Francesco Geminiani/Tenor Saxophone and composition
Mark Schilders/Drums
Rick Rosato/Bass