Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Simon Pianta - Gradations (2018)

GRADATIONS is the debut album by Melbourne saxophonist SIMON PIANTA. The album is an exploration into the melodic possibilities of the alto saxophone and various guitar pedals. It is a contribution to the genre of solo saxophone albums, recognising and paying tribute to those before it. Listened to in sequence, the pieces draw you into a journey of discovery about layering, modulation, phrasing and the beauty of the instrument. 

The album is co-produced by two-time Emmy Award winner Guus Hoevenaars and was recorded in Melbourne. 

1. Gradations 04:38
2. Assonance 01:11
3. Prairie 03:11
4. Forgotten Land 00:39
5. Market Moves 02:29
6. Stay Well Within 04:02
7. Bobby and Jean 04:29
8. Lament for Jean 02:17
9. Pinky Pops 03:30

Instrumentation: Solo Alto Saxophone (Aizen "Fuga" serial A000288, Jody mouthpieces, Vandoren reeds), various pedals

Produced by Simon Pianta / Guus Hoevenaars 
Recorded April and May 2018 at Newmarket in sunny Melbourne 
Engineer: Guus Hoevenaars (all, except Stay Well Within engineered by Callum Barter, Forgotten Land artist own) 
Mastering by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering 
All compositions by Simon Pianta 
Recorded on Wurundjeri land 
CD Cover design by Christine Rethus