Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Roberto Tarenzi / James Cammack / Jorge Rossy - Love and Other Simples Matters (2018)

Roberto Tarenzi presents his new album, Love And Other Simple Matters. To record this expansive work Tarenzi, among the most proficient pianists on the contemporary jazz scene, assembled an amazing international rhythm section made up of James Cammack, legendary bassist for the Ahmad Jamal Trio, and the iconic Jorge Rossy, Brad Mehldau Trio's original drummer and multi-instrumentalist. With his extemporization and innovative stylistic exploration, Roberto Tarenzi exalts listeners in this top-quality and utterly compelling album. The album's title, which at first glance may appear ironic, cheerfully suggests that a lighthearted mindset can transform the burden of complex "matters". The trio provides a musical demonstration of this through complex harmonic and rhythmic elaborations that are deftly and alchemically rendered eloquent and fluid in a language which is pulsating and expressive. After listening to the album preview, David Liebman commented: "Roberto is one of the most talented pianists I have met over the past years, among the world's outstanding musicians with whom I greatly enjoy playing and spending time together. In this album he performs with two brilliant professionals and the depth of his great musical personality fully emerges."

1 Ab I.D.K. 7:56
2 Autumn Leaves 5:30
3 Five 4:52
4 Golden Face 3:45
5 Inutil Paesagem 5:20
6 Blues X 2:01
7 Love and... 4:29
8 Back to Ghana 5:14
9 Liquid Velvet 6:10
10 Other Simple Matters 7:20
11 Vincent 5:26

Roberto Tarenzi - piano
James Cammack - doublebass
Jorge Rossy - drums