Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tim Garland - Weather Walker (EDITION RECORDS June 8, 2018)

Weather Walker, the monumental, atmospheric and unfailingly melodic new orchestral album from one of Europe’s most prolific composers and instrumentalists, Tim Garland, takes its inspiration from The Lake District in the North West of England. Tim is a musician with equal talent and scope both as a performer and composer and Weather Walker showcases his sheer brilliance and ambition, confirming his reputation as one of contemporary music's most forward-thinking figures. Recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studio 1 with a 43 piece string section, this epic production contains some of his best large ensemble writing. Uniting his regular collaborators, pianist Rebello and bassist Gabolev, with a 35 piece string orchestra, Weather Walker is also a first-time collaboration with the exciting and progressive German pianist Pablo Held, a musician with an equally strong sense of harmony and freedom of expression. 

For Weather Walker, the inspiration came from the Lake District, as Tim explains: ‘It was at the Lakes that I first had the sensation that it is us, human beings, that nature permits to live here, and not us permitting and cultivating nature where we choose to allow it! I’ve felt this in lots of places around the globe since then, but because this is my home country and early memories linger, The Lakes, which has a melancholy beauty even throughout the cold grey months, remains magical. Given the inspiring visual setting of this music, it is naturally cinematic’. 

1. Rugged Land
2. The Snows
3. The Sky Is An Empty Mirror
4. Gaia's Clock
5. The Lady In The North
6. Angry Sun
7. Weather Walker
8. High Fell
9. Black Crag
10. Altitude
11. Magic Box
12. The Sigh of the Land

Tim Garland conductor, tenor and soprano saxophones 
Jason Rebello piano
Pablo Held piano
Yuri Goloubev double bass

English Session Orchestra 35 strings lead by David Juritz recorded at Abbey Road Studio, London 1 by Lewis Jones in Nov 2017.
String Octet recorded at Abbey Road Studio 3, London by Andrew Dudman in Dec 2017.
Soloists session recorded at at Masterchord Studio, London by Ronan Phelan in Jan 2018.

Produced by Andrew Sunnucks and Tim Garland

Studio 3 Octet:
Thomas Gould violin
Ben Hancox violin
Magdalena Filipczak violin
Rakhi Singh viola
Juan-Miguel Hernandez viola
Robin Ashwell viola
Cecilia Bignall cello
Yuri Goloubev double bass

Soloists on The Sky Is An Empty Mirror:
Thomas Gould violin
Magdalena Filipczak violin

Soloist Session:
Tim Garland soprano and tenor saxophones
Pablo Held piano *
Jason Rebello piano **
Yuri Goloubev double bass

* Tracks 5, 9 and 12
** Tracks 1,2,7 and 11

Mixed by Dan Hayden and Tim Garland
Mastered by Chris Brooke @ AudioNetwork
Executive Producer: Dave Stapleton