Thursday, June 14, 2018

Robert Burke / Tony Malaby / Mark Helias - Head Under Water (June 14, 2018)

HEAD UNDER WATER takes the listener on an immersive journey. Tony Malaby, Robert Burke and Mark Helias bring to each track their own identity, experiences, expertise and egos. 

The musical decisions made by the ensemble in the moment of recording are central to the improvised interaction and the outcome.

Tony Malaby searches for ‘the big idea’, Robert Burke and Mark Helias choose whether to match ideas or develop, introduce something new, play or not to play, to take a conciliatory or an oppositional position… to question.

The resulting aural narrative demands that the audience let the music surround and flow over them—to actively listen to the interplay in each track, and engage with the intuitive emotions evoked.

Recorded in Brooklyn, New York and mixed in Italy, HEAD UNDER WATER is a daring, instinctive and organic performance by three renowned jazz musicians.

1. Immersion 09:13
2. Commitment 03:07
3. Plight 05:23
4. Bond 08:30
5. Engrossment 00:19
6. Involvement 02:29
7. Captivation 04:57
8. Engagement 06:20
9. Fascination 00:47
10. Intentness 05:03
11. Enthrallment 09:12
12. Attention 00:46
13. Saturation 06:42
14. Lost 04:01
15. Absorption 03:43

Robert Burke — Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Tony Malaby — Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Mark Helias — Acoustic Bass

17th July 2017
Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Engineer—Michael Brorby

Mixed and Mastered
December 2017—Andrea Benassai
Sonoria Recording Plant, Prato Italy
Editing—Pietro Falaschi
Producer—Robert Burke