Thursday, June 14, 2018

Slowly Rolling Camera - Juniper (EDITION RECORDS July 6, 2018)

Juniper is the emphatic and uplifting third album from Cardiff based Slowly Rolling Camera and their strongest and most impactful statement yet. Masterminded by Edition label boss Dave Stapleton, producer Deri Roberts and drummer Elliot Bennett, Juniper fuses expansive jazz grooves with rich cinematic soundscapes marking the beginning of a new era for the group, anchoring new instrumental roots whilst bringing together a dynamic instrumental team of ex-Cinematic Orchestra guitarist Stuart McCallum, bassist Aidan Thorne and Belgian saxophonist Nicolas Kummert. With Juniper the band have returned to the original vision of their instrumental roots and the result is vibrant, bold and excitingly fresh. 

The new music sustains their lush aural trajectory, evoking comparisons with the Cinematic Orchestra, blending strong melodies, big grooves and surprising turns of phrase, instilled with an expansive emotional gravitas. Colliding worlds of jazz, trip-hop and cinematic soundscapes, this music is a rich culmination of 15 years of friendship and making music together.

1. Juniper 07:45
2. Helsinki
3. A Thousand Lights
4. Hyperloop
5. Crossings
6. Nature's Ratio
7. The Outlier
8. Eight Days

All music by Dave Stapleton
Produced by Slowly Rolling Camera

Dave Stapleton keyboards
Deri Roberts electronics
Elliot Bennett drums
Stuart McCallum guitar
Neil Yates trumpet
Nicolas Kummert saxophones
Mark Lockheart saxophones
Aidan Thorne double bass

Additional Musicians:
Tom Barford tenor & soprano saxophone
James Copus trumpet
Sam Glaser alto saxophone

Recorded by Slowly Rolling Camera
Mixed by Deri Roberts and Andy Allan