Monday, June 25, 2018

Peggy Lee - Echo Painting (2018)

The idea, says Lee, was “to bring together some of my longstanding band members with some of the younger players that I had recently begun to collaborate with. I wasn't thinking about specific instruments really, just the players that I was excited about working with. The name to me simply speaks of our efforts to make sense of our world through artistic practice. And of course there are echoes of much of the music that has been meaningful to me over the years.” (She cites Carla Bley and Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra as inspirations.) With many colours to draw upon, the music is multi-layered and texturally varied, featuring driving rhythmic vamps, incendiary improvisation and sometimes achingly beautiful melodic compositions.

1. Incantation 05:20
2. Out On A Limb 04:27
3. A Strange Visit 03:45
4. Nice Collection 03:44
5. Snappy 05:12
6. Painting Echoes 05:21
7. Foreground 02:13
8. The Hidden Piece 01:48
9. Hymn 06:06
10. WB Introduction 02:37
11. Weather Building 03:32
12. End Piece 01:42
13. The Unfaithful Servant 04:43

Brad Turner - trumpet & flugelhorn
Jon Bentley - soprano & tenor sax
John Paton - tenor sax
Roderick Murray - trombone
Meredith Bates - violin
Peggy Lee - cello
Cole Schmidt - electric & acoustic guitar
Bradshaw Pack - pedal steel
James Meger - electric & acoustic bass
Dylan van der Schyff - drums, percussion & Yamaha RX-15 drum machine
Robin Holcomb - voice on “The Unfaithful Servant” (bonus track)

Recorded on April 16th & 17th, 2017 at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, Canada. 
Recorded by Sheldon Zaharko 
Assisted by Dominic Civiero & Annie Kennedy 
Mixed by Chris Gestrin and Dylan van der Schyff 
Mastered by Chris Gestrin