Monday, June 25, 2018

Jim Hobbs Trio - Babadita (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

"Jim Hobbs plays with a sharp and peppery saxophone sound and has a tight trio who take a firm grip on the music, directions are clearly indicated from the outset. Theirs is not a music which suffers from hesitation. The thrust and power is there and so is the skill and knowledge. Vehemence and hot-headedness exist side by side with ritual incantation and rhyme. The childlike aspect is united with the youthful fervor." 
Thomas Millroth, Gränslöst, February 1995

"He's absorbed Ornette's style of playing without copying it. He's really taking harmolodics in a new direction," says Bern Nix (former Coleman Prime Time guitarist) about alto saxist Jim Hobbs of the Fully Celebrated Orchestra, a collective ensemble with bassist Timo Shanko and drummer Django Carranza (appearing on their debut Silkheart CD Babadita).

What initially led Hobbs to listen to Coleman's early trio recordings was his fascination with trumpeter Don Cherry. "I liked the way he would smear a bebop line," said Hobbs. After hearing Cherry on Coleman's landmark This Is Our Music, Hobbs immersed himself in Cherry's efforts, listening to Orient, Where's Brooklyn? and Symphony for the Improvisers. From these recordings, he went on to...  more

1. Off Blue Shirt 05:51
2. A Possé 04:01
3. Balderama-Lama-Ding-Dong 03:42
4. Chandini 04:36
5. B. Now C. 03:12
6. Devil Sews Expensive Clothes 05:06
7. Quit Stallin' 05:19
8. Pulaski Skyway 02:07
9. The Moon, a Star and a Little Red Car 07:11
10. The Ol' Pick and Roll 05:41
11. V 02:09
12. (Up Against a Wall) With a Chicken Wing 04:58
13. Babadita 07:48
14. Travel Song 04:46
15. Bad Medicine 04:30

Jim Hobbs alto saxophone
Timo Shanko bass
Django Carranza drums