Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Marco Mezquida | Jesper Bodilsen | Martin Maretti Andersen - Pieris (STUNT RECORDS 2018)

Bassist Jesper Bodilsen has a preeminent gift for choosing musical partners. For example, it was Jesper who released some of STUNT Records’ bestselling recordings to date: the two trio albums MI RITORNI IN MENTE (2003) and GLEDA (2005), where he plays with the extraordinary Italian pianist Stefano Bollani and drummer Morten Lund - a collaboration that continues with concerts around the world and releases on ECM. Now, Jesper Bodilsen has once again put together a trio in an international format, together with the 30-year-old Catalan Marco Mezquida, originally from Minorca - Spain’s new star pianist - who captivates everyone with his incredible touch and musical dexterity. On drums, the trio is completed by Martin Andersen, who for a number of years has been among Denmark’s greatest drummers, and is perhaps best known for his work in Pierre Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra. Andersen and Bodilsen also originate from the same town in Denmark (Haslev), where they played together before their careers took off.

PIERIS is another prime-time trio with a super-pianist and interaction at an almost telepathic level, as they create a world-class musical storm that is equally passionate, intense, and sophisticated. Marco Mezquida is a musician cut from different cloth than Bollani. Both hail from the south, but despite Mezquida’s incredible virtuosity and great musicality, his musical language is neither flamboyant nor based on showing off technical ability. He is poetic, delicate and lyrical, with a visionary approach to the music that fits perfectly with both Bodilsen’s wide and beautiful bass sound and Martin Andersen’s vigilant and sensational drumming. The trio had their “home” premiere during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2017, and then went straight to the studio and recorded their first album, consisting mainly of original compositions by Bodilsen and Mezquida, with a few others mixed in.

1 Hidden Beauty  05:56
2 Nostalgias  05:39
3 Florencia  08:35
4 Joy  05:20
5 Piensa en mi  05:30
6 A Speciel One  05:55
7 Min sommerfugl  07:04
8 Peace  04:12
9 Coral de la Flor d' estiu  02:22

Marco Mezquida, piano
Jesper Bodilsen, double bass
Martin Maretti Andersen, drums