Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tim Daisy - Configurations (RELAY RECORDINGS June 1, 2018)

Tim Daisy is a Chicago-based percussionist and composer working in the fields of improvised and composed music.

He has performed and recorded original music for modern dance, sound installations, film, and improvised music ensembles of various configurations since 1997. Tim also owns and operates Relay Records, documenting much of the creative work he has been involved with in Chicago and abroad since 2011.

Tim helps curate the weekly OPTION series at Experimental Sound Studio in  Chicago. The programming explores contemporary perspectives on improvisation and composition in a ‘salon’ format, enabling local, national, and international artists to publicly discuss their practice and ideas as well as perform.

2. Sonic Feels 03:42
3. The Echo Song (For Arthur Russell) 03:04
4. Wood 03:09
5. Wire 02:28
6. Alloy 01:56
7. The Wobbly Insect 04:27
8. Sunday Afternoon 02:58
9. LED 03:13
10. Red And Orange 03:10
11. Static Points 03:53
12. Names 01:52

Solo compositions and improvisations performed by Chicago based percussionist and composer Tim Daisy

Selected instruments recorded in various combinations including: drums/marimba/ Califones/metal percussion/bass xylophone/transistor radios/bells/chains/sticks/malletts/brushes

Recorded live, without overdubs :)

All compositions by Tim Daisy (ASCAP)
Recorded on May 4th, 2018 at Madhouse Studios Evanston, il
Recorded and mixed by Dave Zuchowski @ One Room Studio
Cover photo by Tim Daisy
This is Relay Records 022