Thursday, May 24, 2018

iety - hope you were covered up (WIDE EAR RECORDS 2018)

In society, worlds collide. Composition on improvisation - Sterility on emotion - Uncontrolled energy sallies on celebrating the details. The fusion creates an independent sound with strong gravitation. Each individual fills the space that it deserves or enjoys the tension of the void, and the sprinkling of the sun brings speed and clarity. Probably not, but it sure would be cool.

1. 9433 02:21
2. hope you were covered up 04:44
3. kick etüde 03:38
4. ophelia 05:23
5. waterfall glancing in a morning sunrise 03:31
6. plakat yves 04:42
7. dada (dap) 03:47
8. petrol 08:50

Elio Amberg tenor sax
Laura Schenk piano
Amadeus Fries drums