Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tal Arditi - Portrait (2018)

''Portrait'' is the debut album by the young Israeli guitar player Tal Arditi

The album was recorded live at ''A-Trane Jazz Club'' in Berlin , featuring Tobias Backhaus on drums and Andreas Lang bass . 

The idea behind the name ''Portrait'' is , That the concert in ''A-Trane'' was a portrait of Tal's life until that point. 8 original music pieces that resembles his year and a half alone in Berlin , and all his experiences so far. 

The album will be out in ''Ancor Lable'' on a CD and a limited edition of Vinyl 

''This recording will for sure spread around the name of Tal Arditi as a new important guitar voice in Jazz not only of Berlin but all over Europe and the music world wherever''- Rainer Harrmann ,founder of ''Jazz Baltica'' festival and ''Ancor Records'' Label .

1. One Step Behind 11:10
2. Berlin Vibe 10:08
3. Sassari 08:33
4. One For J.S 05:48
5. Walts No. 1 08:06
6. My Dream 08:30
7. Long Live The Bird 05:25
8. Circles 06:37