Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Niels Wilhelm Knudsen - Impulse (2018)

I began my musical journey playing electric bass in a Rock band as a teenager around 1990. Moving to Copenhagen, I started gigging with a Metal band and various wedding bands playing Pop, Soul, Funk and Salsa. By the late 90’s I stumbled across a beautiful old doublebass in a recording studio. I fell in Love with the instrument immidiately! I sold my CD collection to raise money for a doublebass, and began playing Jazz.

In the early 00’s I enrolled in Musicology studies at the University of Copenhagen, earning a Bachelor degree. This led to teaching positions at various music schools and a lot a private bass students.

Around the same time I started playing with a cover band doing Black Sabbath songs, we played a lot of shows around Denmark.

I Love a challenge and this has led me into a wide range of bands and projects over the years:

Theater work, Avantgardejazz, Gypsy Swing, Singer/Songwriter, Choirs, Country music

But since I got my hands on the double bass I have been playing a lot of Jazz … with lots of small groups, with lots of great players … This led me to finally forming my own group and start recording my own music.

I still play all kinds of music and love doing it.

1. Unreliable 04:43
2. Looking Down 07:17
3. Third Eye 04:40
4. Mojito 04:44
5. Sweet Spot 07:03
6. Comida Lenta 05:22
7. Monochrome 08:45

Thomas Hass tenor sax
Kathrine Windfeld piano
Michael Dalgas drums