Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Les Petits Nouveaux - Stockholm

Les Petits Nouveaux’s sophomore release is an exciting breath of fresh air in a genre that is often mired in traditionalism. The album’s namesake is a tribute to both Django Reinhardt and the group’s connection to the Swedish capitol through band member, Mikko Hilden. Half recorded in Toronto and half in Stockholm, it captures the musical journey of a Jazz Manouche ensemble that is set on pushing the envelope while respecting the traditions. Fusing Django Reinhardt’s infectious swing and the modern advancements of the post-war jazz era, Stockholm is a record that sounds nostalgic yet current.

The group collaborated with many of Canada’s well-established personnel to produce this record; including virtuoso vibraphonist, Michael Davidson, award-winning mix engineer, Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith, Bahamas, Rheostatics), and Canadian Jazz Manouche ambassador, Denis Chang. The album is released with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

Les Petits Nouveaux is a Jazz Manouche collective based in Toronto. The band's founder, Mikko Hilden, joins Aline Homzy, Andy Mac, and Tak Arikushi and overcome geographic challenges (Mikko now lives in Stockholm and Andy lives in Monteral) to create music. The band's name means "A little bit of new" in French, and they continually strive to introduce bits of modern influences while respecting the traditions of the genre. Influences as diverse as Astor Piazzolla, Julian Lage, and even Dr. Dre can be found in their repertoire.

The album's official release date is April 6th, and will be celebrated with a concert at the Burdock Music Hall, a renowned microbrewery/music hall in the heart of Toronto. 

1. Neptune 03:15
2. Catnip 03:10
3. Leapsheep 04:08
4. Bluie 05:09
5. Stockholm 04:19
6. Si Tu Savais 05:42
7. King's Garden 02:43
8. Tango Sobremesa 04:28
9. Morning Brew 04:03
10. BrZ 03:21
11. Blue Jasmine 04:41
12. Depaysment 04:09

This album was made over two years. It is made up of mostly original materials from the members of Les Petits Nouveaux.

Aline Homzy / violin (composer trax 2, 4, 7, 10)
Andy Mac / guitar (composer trax 1, 9 & 11)
Mikko Hilden / guitar (composer trax 8 &12)
Tak Arikushi / guitar (composer track 3)
Jim Sexton / bass (trax 1-6)
Marten Korkman / bass (trax 7-12)

Django Reinhardt - composer track 5
George Ulmer - composer track 6

Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for making this project possible, Michael Bourgeois and Marilyn Legge for your continued support, La Rev for helpin us grow as musicians and compsers, and providing a space for art to happen, Rolf Pilotti for lending us your room, and to Django Reinhardt for your eternal inspiration.