Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Arild Andersen - In House Science (ECM 2018)

Norwegian master bassist Arild Andersen’s trio with big-toned tenorist Tommy Smith and powerhouse drummer Paolo Vinaccia is one of the most viscerally exciting jazz small groups of the present moment. Its energies are arguably best captured in a live context, and here the three musicians deliver a characteristically smoking performance at the Villa Rothstein in Bad Ischl, Austria, recorded in September 2016. Their earlier concert recording Live At Belleville, was issued a decade ago to rave reviews and a shower of awards. “Absolutely and unreservedly marvellous” said the BBC Music Magazine.  “How often do just three musicians produce music as vast and panoramic in its scale and vision?” asked Jazzwise, amazed.

1 MIRA (Arild Andersen) 09:50
2 SCIENCE (Arild Andersen) 11:10
3 VENICE (Arild Andersen) 08:44
4 NORTH OF THE NORTHWIND (Arild Andersen) 08:35
5 BLUSSY (Arild Andersen) 08:59
6 INHOUSE (Arild Andersen) 08:10

Arild Andersen   Double Bass
Paolo Vinaccia   Drums
Tommy Smith   Tenor Saxophone