Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Rajada (Pedro Sousa / Miguel Mira / Afonso Simões) - Rajada (MULTIKULTI PROJECT 2018)

Rajada - strong gust of wind, a machine gun burst, movement or impulse, something which is clearly fast. 

The most prominent representative of the European improvised music scene, Evan Parker, has an innumerable amount of students and followers of the innovative approach to playing the saxophone. Perhaps one of the most receptive among the group is Portuguese saxophonist Pedro Sousa, who complements the grammage of truly liberated improvisation with youthful enthusiasm, vigor and temperament derived from the experiences in the field of post-electronic music.

What can a cello change when placed among a free jazz trio instead of a double bass? Could it lead the tenor to a higher plane? Could it make the drummer’s work lighter and sensual? If, while in Motion Trio, supporting Rodrigo Amado, Miguel Mira's cello sets the tenor in a position to take off, in Rajada it aims to set it right in the skyline. 

You are about to experience an epic, hour long, genuinely portuguese story carrying numerous plots and far from few dramatic turns. If the album “Casa Futuro”, which Sousa recorded with Johan Berthling and Gabriel Ferrandini is frequently in your music players, you should definitely get this album.

Andrzej Nowak - Trybuna Muzyki Spontanicznej

1. Atazana 22:14
2. Desata 36:17

All music by Rajada

Recorded at Estúdios Interpress by Afonso Simões, August 2015
Mixed and mastered at Noise Precision by Rafael Toral
Cover Design by Witold Oleszak 
Producers: Pedro Sousa, Miguel Mira and Afonso Simões
Executive producers: Tomasz Konwent & Andrzej Nowak

Painting by Miguel Mira, 2016

Rajada would like to thank Andrzej Nowak, Rafael Toral, friends and family

The Multikulti Project/ Spontaneous Music Tribune Series is dedicated to iberian free improvised music.