Saturday, January 13, 2018

Josh Sinton - krasa (2018)

A Brooklyn-based creative musician, a baritone saxophone operator, a bass clarinet manipulator. Trying to become a better listener every day.

1. krasa 1_Sound 16:14
2. krasa 2_{prelude to) 02:10
3. krasa 3_Felt 03:30
4. krasa 4_And 06:26
5. krasa 5_(now} 02:33
6. krasa 6_Not 02:38
7. krasa 7_Heard 08:44

krasa was recorded in two long takes on May 16th, 2017 at Menegroth the Thousand Caves. 

Krasa contains no overdubs and only the following was used: 
a Leblanc metal contrabass clarinet to low D 
a Clark Fobes mpc. 
Vandoren #2 & #3 reeds 

The following pieces of equipment were used for tracks 1, 4 & 7: 
2 AMT clip-on mics 
one (small) Mackie 4-channel board 
one sans amp (for bass) 
one volume pedal 
one Ampeg SVT (70s 300-watt) 
one Eden 410-XLT4 (70-watt 4x10in. 4 ohm)

released January 8, 2018 

engineered, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston 
produced by Jon Irabagon and Josh Sinton 
thanks to: 
JC, MP & NW for the love & inspiration 
JI for the love & tenacity 
LWS & ZS for the love 
special tip of the hat to daddy & Angelo P. (you know who you are) 
all improvisations by josh sinton, published by sinzheimer muzak (vmi) 2017