Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stephen Richard - Spectrum (2017)

My new album Spectrum is 1 of 2 projects I'm releasing on May 6. It will be available on all digital platforms soon. Physical copies are available now.

Special THANKS to these musicians who helped make this project a reality. Eric Elder King Mason Jerre Jackson Robert Smalls Kerry Wilkins Christal Garrick, Ichi Ichikawa Arthur Moyler Andre Hayward Chase Jordan Jeremy Schwanke Kiland Lee Corey Stoot Quiana Lynell James Howard Smith Jr Deon White.

01. Warrior Song 5:47
02. New Day 6:39
03. Doll of Satin 5:43
04. For the Love of You (feat. Christal Garrick) 6:50
05. I'm so Proud (feat. Andre Hayward) 3:42
06. I Can Be Anything (feat. Jeremy Schwanke) 3:29
07. Third Coast Blues (feat. Andre Hayward) 5:58
08. Give Me All Your Love, Pt. 1 (feat. Kiland) 3:36
09. Give Me All Your Love, Pt. 2 5:30
10. Stroll with Me (feat. Quiana Lynell) 5:34
11. I'm so Proud (Flipped It) [feat. Andre Hayward] 6:34
12. Lover's Land 6:35