Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stephen Richard - After Hours (2017)

I named this project After Hours because me and my musical comrade SCEF were putting on a monthly show at spot in Houston called Bohemeo’s. We would feature various artists, through the course of this endeavor to provide original content to an audience I soon realized that me and my band began to play great original music after the show was over (after hours), those audience members that stuck around know exactly what I’m talking about. This project was created to capture those moments and secure them in time.

01. Goin Broke (feat. Arthur Moyler) 4:58
02. Dignity 4:50
03. Bend on the Bluff (feat. Matthew Hartnett) 5:49
04. Nomadic (feat. Jose Miguel) 8:58
05. Grooveology 4:16
06. Worthy 9:36
07. So Good (feat. Corey Stoot) 7:03
08. Dirt Road (feat. Deon White) 7:31
09. Yo Love (Intro) 2:09
10. Yo Love (feat. Cintel Gallow) 10:00