Monday, June 19, 2017

Carl Winther & Jerry Bergonzi - Inner Journey ((SteepleChase Productions ApS 2017)

Pianist/composer Carl Winther dedicates this album to his father, legendary Danish trumpeter/composer/bandleader Jens Winther, whose untimely death February 24, 2011 stunned his fans.

Carl Winther himself is an award-winning artist who – while attributes his musical foundation to his famous father – is his own voice to establish himself in the international scene.

“ .. If you are into highly modern jazz trio with American roots, this album has a lot to offer.” (Brian Petre – Jazz Special on SCCD 33130 “Deconstructing Mr. X”)

1 TALISMAN (Carl Winther) 8:09
2 REQUIEM For JW (Carl Winther) 4:40
3 INNER JOURNEY (Carl Winther) 4:00
4 KMA (Carl Winther) 4:47
5 BAR NONE (Jerry Bergonzi) 8:33
6 TRITON (Tomas Franck) 11:25
7 WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Anders Mogensen) 6:06
8 LONG GONE (Carl Winther) 3:47
9 GOLEM (Carl Winther) 4:16