Thursday, March 23, 2017

Olivier Collette - Conceptions (IGLOO CIRCLE 2017)

Conceptions, the fourth album of the pianist Olivier Collette, presents a repertoire formed only by original compositions inspired mainly by jazz but also blues or world music.

Olivier is surrounded by great musicians such as Samuel Gerstmans on double bass, Matthias De Waele on drums and on 4 songs, Steve Houben on alto saxophone.

The music put the accent on melody, harmony, diversity, sometimes close to the tradition, sometimes close to modern jazz.

"Conceptions" has a double meaning : the concept and to give birth to something, the basic principle of artistic creation.

1 Missing
2 Little Baïon
3 Hatta Road
4 Danse Pachyderme
5 Waltz for Charlie
6 The B Train
7 Azur