Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Peeter Uuskyla / Tellef Øgrim / Anders Berg - Ullr (SIMLAS Produksjoner 2017)

It took my a little while to realise the background images on the album were of a radio telescope, so I returned to listening with a slightly different outlook. It is plain from the outset Peeter Uuskyla is an accomplished drummer and provides a driving force from the outset with the track “Disembark then Board”. The second, and title, track “Ullr” features some prominent bass work from Anders Berg. The third track “Lusk” is a little more laid back after the onslaught of the first two tracks, very introspective, perhaps like the operator of the radio telescope waiting to hear something significant.

“Shine Your Soul” (the only track featuring fretless guitar) is very sparse with hand claps and drumsticks on rims along with brush sounds, it progresses well, leaving you wondering where we are travelling, eventually the drums drive the whole thing to conclusion.

“By the Southward Verging Sun” is perhaps the most conventional track on the album, followed by “Wulƥuz” packed full of noises making you wonder just how far out these guys can go. Nothing appears double tracked so I think the trio would have no problem playing this album to a live audience, looking forward to hearing them soon.

A very enjoyable album and once again Tellef Øgrim & Anders Berg have their feet firmly planted in Experimental Avant-Garde Music. The addition of Peeter Uuskyla on drums has lifted their sound to an extra level. If you enjoy Scandinavian free jazz at the experimental level, this album is a real treat for you! Review – Jahloon – (January 2017)

1. Disembark then Board 04:00
2. Ullr 05:11
3. Lusk 06:27
4. Shine your Soul 12:11
5. By the Southward Verging Sun 03:05
6. Wulþuz 02:39

Peeter Uuskyla – Drums
Tellef Øgrim – Fretted and Fretless (normal and baritone) Guitars
Anders Berg – Bass