Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Derby Derby - Love Dance (ORMO RECORDS) Out the 9th of February 2017

Derby Derby's debut album was recorded in Nantes last fall and entitled ¨Love Dance", a touch of humour for this unique track over 30 minutes long cut into two parts: “Love" slow and progressive and "Dance" rhythmic, charged and explosive.

The album will be released on the Nantes-based label Ormo in February on serigraphied vinyl and

Biography :
The 3 musicians met in spring 2016 to question themselves about time and space. Derby derby will release his debut album in February and has performed about 15 shows this year (festival Le Lac, Rendez Vous de l'Erdre, Lieu Unique...).

Derby Derby:
An instrumental Trio for a radical music, executed by a minimalist bass, a repetitive drum and an
electrified trumpet.

Beat obsession,drone and time dilatation ( or time stretching // le temps qui s'étire)...solid sound (or
full sound), comfy( or snug:douillet) and rough.

Derby Derby rushes into a circular and earthly dance (ou trance).

1. Love 20:03
2. Dance 10:52

Alan Regardin, electrified trumpet
Sylvain Didou, bass
Fabrice Lhoutellier, drums


On tour:
10/02/17 - Festival Inouie (La Roche/Yon)
11/02/17 - Garden Partie (Angouleme)
12/02/17 - l'Amanita muscaria (Toulouse)
17/02/17 - Brest