Monday, January 30, 2017

Standard Procedure - Somewhere up Here (2017)

The aim of the music was to find a way of bridging the gap between my thoughts and ideas, and the audience who would eventually listen to them; I wanted the tunes to be ‘down-to-earth’ and be easy for anyone to approach no matter what their taste in music. Most of the tunes on the album were written with certain subjects in mind. 

For example, 'Conversion' was inspired by my move away from religion. This tune focuses on the confusion and moral chaos that comes from becoming an atheist after being raised within a religious family. Another example is 'Restored', which is a ballad that I wrote for 'Young jazz Musician of the Year 2016'. The idea behind this one is how at some point in everyone's life, after an atrocious event, we are eventually restored. The tunes are based on my own experience, which I think adds to the meaning behind the music. Maybe the listener will hear these emotions, but most of all, I hope they will draw their own conclusions from the music.

1. Conversion 8:13
2. Hindsight 4:55
3. Restored 7:25
4. Move on Out (feat. Dominic Ingham & James Maltby) 5:05
5. Somewhere up Here (feat. Gustavo Clayton-Marucci) 8:30
6. They Loved, They Love, I'll Live (feat. Gustavo Clayton-Marucci) 4:30

David Swan, piano & keys
Matthew Read, double bass
Boz Martin-Jones, drums