Monday, January 23, 2017

RLA - Reaching In (2017)

RLA is a jazz trio that plays original music and a mix of standards with a twist. Tim and Mike have been playing together for a number of years and Bobby joined them in the summer of 2012.

1. Uncertain 06:56
2. In the Out Door 05:19
3. The Simple Things 09:28
4. Havana Go 06:43
5. Human Condition 08:52
6. Why Ask Why 05:22
7. Without a Trace 08:33
8. Contortions 06:22

Tim Randles: Piano 
Mike Labolle: drums 
Bobby Amrikhan: acoustic and electric bass 
Jon Lewis: congas on Havana Go 
All compositions by Tim Randles 
Arrangements by RLA 
Engineered and mastered by Tim Gray 
Produced and mixed by Tim Randles 
Cover design by Judith Lambert