Monday, January 23, 2017

Bill Anschell - Rumbler (ORIGIN RECORDS 2017)

Magical...No matter where Anschell plays on the keyboard, he sounds like no other pianist.

After a decade of recording mostly unscripted, improvised albums focused on his deep musical relationships with a few key players, pianist Bill Anschell returns to recording his own compositions and arrangements on "Rumbler," his fifteenth as a leader or co-leader. Anschell penned eight of the eleven tracks as well as arrangements of Thelonious Monk's "Misterioso" and Paul McCartney's "For No One." Mostly written on the road in planes and hotel rooms, "Rumbler" doubles as a musical travelogue, especially vivid in its reflection of experiences from his touring in South America over the last several years.

Anschell is joined by a stellar cast of Seattle musicians, plus a guest appearance by Nashville saxophonist Jeff Coffin on the title track.The album closes with a moving, fully improvised solo expression of Duke Ellington's under-recorded "Reflections in D."

AXS (Carol Banks Weber)
At times, the natural rhythm of pianist Bill Anschell's upcoming album, Rumbler, recalls the calm of a gently falling rainy day in transition from winter to spring, afternoon to dusk. The feeling of rain - quiet, unpredictable, and revealing - permeates tunes like "Dark Wind," "Captive Light," "Rumbler," Duke Ellington's "Reflections In D," and th ...

WTJU - Richmond, VA (Dave Rogers )
Pianist Bill Anschell pulled together a great band to support his eight originals and covers of Monk's "Misterioso", Lennon & McCartney's "For No One" and Ellington's "Reflections In D". The group is absolutely simpatico with the leader in creating this remarkable melodic percussive union.

01 Misterioso 7:10 
02 Dark Wind 5:30 
03 Captive Light 5:50 
04 MBK 6:20 
05 No You Go 4:45 
06 For No One 5:50 
07 Rumbler 7:45 
08 39F 4:25 
09 Heisenberg's Fugue State 5:35 
10 The Dreaded "E" Word 5:10 
11 Reflections in D 6:36

Chris Symer - bass 
Jose Martinez - drums 
Brian Monroney - guitar (1,4,9,10) 
Jeff Busch - percussion (2,8) 
Jeff Coffin - soprano sax (7) 
Rich Cole - tenor sax (1) 
Hans Teuber - alto flute (2), tenor sax (3), alto sax (8)