Saturday, January 14, 2017

Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School - The Twilight Fall (2017)

A few words from Chelsea : 

We spend so many hours of our lives in transit - on busses, trains, planes, in cars, constantly traveling to new destinations, in search of what places can bring to us. Sometimes we travel to work, sometimes for pleasure, sometimes necessity. But we are always on the move. 

The Twilight Fall is the soundtrack to your traveling daydreams, the story of your life. As you move between waking, concrete places, the Socialist Night School takes you on a long distance journey to the end of your imagination - fantastic landscapes, internal dialogue, echoes of memory - and when your body finally arrives, we bring you home.

I would like to thank the Socialist Night School - Colleen, Naomi, Anthony, Patrick, Conrad, James, Justin, Tom, Brown, Will, Aidan, Jill, Siebs, Bruder, Alex, David, Steven, Geoff - for your years of dedication, your tireless hard work, your enthusiasm and positive energy, and your commitment to the further development of an equal opportunity world for everyone.

Without you, this music does not come to life, and I am so thankful that you all have jumped on board this crazy ride with me. To Mom and Dad and Ryan and Marty and all of my extended family: thank you for your constant support and encouragement as I recklessly pursue my dreams. To Len Kay and Marty Summers, David Fromager and Garth Bowen, Mike Allen and Alex Dean and Shirantha Beddage and Andy Ballantyne: thank you for teaching me how to make this instrument make sense. And to Jeremy Hepner, to Darcy James Argue, to David Occhipinti, to Daniel Jamieson: thank you for showing me how to convey a little of your wisdom and my emotions in this weird and wonderful puzzle of composition, arranging, and orchestration.

To all the people behind the scenes on the production team and at Browntasauras – Kevin, Brown, Nick, Nick and Nickel, Andre, Arthur, Ernesto: you are an essential part of this process and it could not have come together without you, so thank you for your constant dedication and hard work and tolerance for late-night emails. To the funders, the Toronto Arts Council, FACTOR, the Toronto Arts Foundation, and especially Manuel and Cheryl Buchwald: thank you for your infinite patience, your financial contribution, and for believing in me and what I could achieve.

And last but not least, to my friends, colleagues, mentors, and more: thank you for your inspiration, your encouragement, your support, and the impressions you have left on me. I hope that this music leaves you feeling whole.

01. Ambleside 02:45
02. Intransitory 07:35
03. The Twilight Fall 09:11
04. Smooth (or What I Should Have Said Instead) 07:39
05. Spirits 03:45
06. Arrival of the Pegasus 07:58
07. Foot In Mouth 09:49
08. In Dreams 05:23
09. Ambleside (reprise) 01:50
10. Something Simple 06:28

Released January 13, 2017 

The Socialist Night School is: 

Vocals: Alex Samaras 
Reeds: Colleen Allen, Naomi Higgins, Anthony Rinaldi, Patrick Smith, Conrad Gluch 
Trumpet/flugelhorns: James Rhodes, Justin See, Tom Upjohn, Brownman Ali 
Trombones: William Carn, Aidan Sibley, Jill Richards, Nicholas Sieber 
Rhythm: Chris Bruder (piano), David Riddel (guitar), Steven Falk (upright & electric bass), Geoff Bruce (drums) 

Recorded at Revolution Recording Studios, September 2016 
Produced by Kevin Stolz 
Executive producer : Brownman Ali 

Recorded & edited by Andre St-Denis of Bonneville Records 
Mixed by Nick Bonin 
Mastered by Nick Blagona at Psychotropic Sound 
Cover art by Arthur Ikuta 
Album layout by Browntasauras Records