Friday, December 2, 2016

Swedish Mobilia - It's Not Jazz, It's Worse (AUAND 2016)

"Andrea Bolzoni, Dario Miranda and Daniele Frati share a perfect common view on how to interpret the sounds around jazz in a global way. In their opinion, the idea of an Afro-American sound works as a magnet, attracting a babel of contemporary languages and gestures. Rock, jazz and avant-garde are essential elements of the band’s concept of sound and space, one that pushes the boundaries of any genre. They decorate their music rooms with minimal sounds and turn into lyrics the dynamics of angular and irregular objects. They act in a dimension that is parallel to reality, a kind of a place where white noise, inaudible to most, dwells, thus being their zone of action. Here is where sounds outline the algebraic matrix of an apparently sidereal sequence, that is however nestled in the bowels of the everyday life, in the form of a fake “noise”. All the shrieking and metal clatter is just the melodic translation of ripped surfaces, grazed minerals and hypnotic waterfalls of matter. Expressive freedom and an urge for communication make the project poignant, all-changing, between urban mythology and post-modern narrative. “One needs a non-linear technique, simply because our lives today are not conducted in linear terms” (J.G.Ballard)" 
Testo di Flavio Caprera

Produced by Swedish Mobilia
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recording: HSR Studio, Milano – Italy
Engineer: Swedish Mibilia
Cover Photo: Lorenzo Palmieri

01 Two Nights in Tunisia
02 Don't You Mind
03 We've Been So Kind
04 Coffe to Go
05 Kiss Miss
06 Please
07 Red
08 Fifteen
09 Time for Tea
10 Thanks for Coming