Monday, November 7, 2016

Jorge Rossy - Stay Here (PIROUET RECORDS 2016)

The Rossy Vibes Quintet release new album “Stay There” (Pirouet Records 2016)

Renowned drummer Jorge Rossy lays down his sticks and picks up the mallets as he displays his love of melody on the vibraphone and marimba. Jorge has brought along three old friends, contemporary jazz masters tenor saxophonist Mark Turner, guitarist Peter Bernstein, and bassist Doug Weiss. Add to the mix legendary drummer Al Foster of Miles Davis fame and you have a potent musical elixir. Modern jazz at its melodic best.

Jorge Rossy vibes, marimba
Mark Turner tenor saxophone
Peter Bernstein guitar
Doug Weiss bass
Al Foster drums

1. Who Knows About Tomorrow 5:49
2. Portrait 4:32
3. Artesano 4:05
4. Blessed 5:17
5. Mark's Mode 2:01
6. The Newcomer 5:49
7. W Waltz 6:19
8. Pauletta 4:24
9. Mmmyeah 7:05
10. Stay Here 6:16