Saturday, November 26, 2016

Illegal Crowns - Illegal Crowns (ROGUEART 2016)

We treasure the long-time collaborators who share the same commitment to the creative journey, and we thrill at meeting new partners who converse with the same hybridized and willfully corrupted musical vocabulary. A cooperative project like Illegal Crowns celebrates all of the above.

Illegal Crowns: a group both old and new, music accessible and experimental, a name revolutionary and royal. Four individuals and one ensemble, in the kind of harmony that needs no resolution. Taylor Ho Bynum, excerpt from the liner notes

01. Colle & Acrylique 6:21
02. Thoby’s Sister 6:29
03. Illegal Crown 9:03
04. Holograms 4:09
05. Solar Mail 7:18
06. Wry Tulips 14:44