Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Eva Kruse - On the Mo (REDHORN RECORDS & NAXOS 2016)

On her new album ”On the Mo” Eva Kruse created a unique and intriguing quintet sound. ”Mo” stands for ”Moped” and Eva made up the motto ”On the Mo – on the Go” that inspired her to compose the music for this album. ”On the Mo” is more groovy, more dense and more forward-moving as her debut-album ”In Water”. But even now the lyricism in the extraordinary melodies played by oboist Tjadina Wake-Walker and saxophonist Uwe Steinmetz is important in Eva´s music. Together with drummer Eric Schaefer and pianist Christian Jormin she presents a highly energetic but fine-tuned rhythm section. For ”In Water” Eva Kruse won a German grammy as ”bass player of the year 2015”.

01. On the Mo Prelude
02. On the Mo
03. Follow the Bass
04. Out of the Deep
05. In Motion
06. What Do You Say When the Sky Is Grey
07. Staffan var en stalledräng
08. Winterland
09. Stop and Go
10. Freetown
11. Küchen Rock

Eva Kruse, Bass
Tjadina Wake-Walker, Oboe
Uwe Steinmetz, Soprano AND Alto sax
Christian Jormin, Piano
Eric Schaefer Drums