Tuesday, November 22, 2016

David Friesen Circle 3 Trio - Triple Exposure (ORIGIN RECORDS 2016)

"Once in a great while, a musician emerges with such authority and such seemingly effortless originality that his place in the front ranks of his instrument is unquestioned. So it is with David Friesen". NAT HENTOFF

Virtuoso bassist, composer, leader, innovator, talent scout and storyteller, David Friesen offers another of his many gifts in Triple Exposure through the original visual art that graces the cover. David's subtle art work is at one with the spiritual essence, the relaxed precision, and the masterful dynamics the fully collaborative musical adventure of Triple Exposure.

From David's opening eight note vamp, pianist Greg Goebel's handsomely selective melodic lines and Charlie Doggett's graceful drumming on "Whetstone," through the other ten original compositions, the trio employs perfect interplay, truly a family unit with all its genial genes and collaborative cells, a closely linked group that thrives on selfless awareness and mutual compatibility totally at home with one another. 

"Everything the trio plays is colored with a pronounced individuality. The harmonic depth, intense rhythm and subtle interaction they employ mesmerizes an audience." DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

01. Whetstone 6:17
02. Turn in the Road 5:42
03. Bright Light Sky 4:50
04. Rainbow Song 7:08
05. Side Step 4:36
06. Another Time, Another Place 5:06
07. Right From Wrong 5:08
08. Let It Be Known 5:13
09. Soft As Silk 4:53
10. Everything We Are 4:25
11. Open Country 5:44

DAVID FRIESEN - Hemage bass

Producer: David Friesen 
Executive Producer: David Friesen 
Recorded at Portland Piano, Co. Portland, Oregon September 27-28, 2015 
Mixing: Phoenix, AZ February 4 th 5 th 2016 
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Peter Swann, David Friesen 
Post Production: Dana White/Specialized Mastering, Portland, Oregon February 26 th 2016 
Front and back cover and inside paintings by: David Friesen 
Cover design by John Bishop