Friday, November 18, 2016

Clay Giberson - Pastures (ORIGIN RECORDS 2016)

An innovative voice in the contemporary jazz scene of the Pacific Northwest, pianist and composer Clay Giberson is part of a new generation that is redefining jazz.  Emotionally compelling, the music grooves as much as it dazzles with harmony, lyricism and rhythmic intricacy.

Giberson’s performances convey a deep appreciation of structure and form but pay equal tribute to the pulse and sonic landscape that frame his musical ideas.  Clay’s musical personality owes something to his childhood spent on a farm in Woodland, Washington.  His mother, a classical piano teacher, infused his early life with music and he grew up both in the fields and at the piano.  He studied jazz piano at the University of Miami and later established himself in New York where he also earned a Master’s degree in music technology.  He has performed throughout Europe, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, Caribbean and Japan. Clay currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he teaches, records, produces and performs.

Clay has released four recordings on the premier jazz label Origin Records and seven others with his Portland-based groups Upper Left Trio and Go By Train.  His collaboration with saxophonist John Nastos, Duo Chronicles, is a time-based project in which the musicians compose, record and disseminate a video performance every week for one year.  Clay also works with jazz, pop, latin and funk artists such as Mel Brown, Stephanie Schneiderman, Scott Pemberton, McKinley and Jessie Marquez.

1. The Time For Now 8:07
2. Solfeggio 4:44
3. Simple Gifts 4:18
4. Highwire 7:48
5. Long Ago And Far Away 4:33
6. Song For Ornette 7:06
7. Nobody Does It Better 5:56
8. Infinity X 6:48
9. Las Pasturas Del Cielo 7:51

Clay Giberson - Piano, Keyboards
Donny McCaslin - Tenor Saxophone, Flute (2,5), Soprano Saxophone (8)
Drew Gress - Acoustic Bass
Matt Wilson - Drums

String Quartet (3,5,8)
Emily Cole - Violin
Julie Coleman - Violin
Charles Noble - Viola
Trevor Fitzpatrick - Cello